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Center / Alfama and Multifaced History

We will dig into two sides of Lisbon's past, angle of official history telling what everyone supposedly knows, and the darker side of what monarchy was doing. Discover what is history behind Alfama neighborhood , who was M.Pombal and other curiosities. Alternatively you can book through GoWith Guide platform.

Sintra history-mystery walking tour

We will embark on a journey to discover myths of Sintra, as well as the reasons why it's called Eden garden, and a place for quest of Holy Grail. Dive into topics of Templars and Freemasonry

Walking Tour of General History and Secret Societies in Lisbon

This tour is a spicy 'general' Portugal history tour, where we will touch many points of local timeline with a special focus on ties between secret societies, royal family and 'hidden knowledge'. We will share some important legends of portuguese history and approach variety of uncommon topics. Our goal is to talk more than general superficial facts, but connect the dots between different layers of facts, theories and points of view (can you dare answering what is the tie between freemasons…

About Me

Hello there! Thank you for curiosity and your time to arrive on this page. My name is Slava and I offer walking tours in Lisbon , which are of my authorship - you won't hear me reproducing plain facts you can find on wikipedia's page, I tell story interconnecting personalities and events giving angles which remain in the shadows, so that you can use imagination and decide for yourself how the past events impacted our present.

I have arrived to Portugal more than a decade ago, and decided to make a shift in my live, discovering cultures totally out of my birthplace context ( I come from the extreme opposite side of Europe, from Kyiv, Ukraine ). I have had an engineering carreer in IT but didn't stop there and persisted on discovering my truer passion - which I encountered in guiding. So far have experience guiding not only in Lisbon, but in Bergen ( Norway ), and Brussels ( Belgium ).

I specialize on private tours and small size group tours (up to 15 people). For your needs I fluently speak 5 languages - so our walk can be in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian! 

For my 'free* walking tours' (*free meaning tours without pre-payment) in Lisbon, Portugal please visit http://ragnaroktour.com . Alternatively you can find me on GuruWalk ( but I prefer that you use my own platform RagnarokTour ).

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Please, try to reach me out by WhatsApp, if this is not possible, use the form below stating the date and number of people that would like to come. I am rarely accepting 'today for today' requests, please try it at least one day before :) Please leave your WhatsApp/Telegram so I can reach you out. Price varies on route/group size. Starting from 30 Eur individual 2hr, more people/smaller value per guest. Alternatively you can secure tour via GoWith Guide/ Tripadvisor platform (higher price = fees of platforms) by clicking link in tour title.

Lisbon, Portugal.

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+351 91 6543211

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Usually it's one of the central squares of Lisbon: Rossio or Praça do Comercio (also called Terreiro do Paço).

Since tours availability depends on pre-booking/reservation, place is to be confirmed with you.

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